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 Customized AEA Precision Challenger Bullpup .22 .25 .30 .357Cal With Regulator Installed

Muzzle Velocity:

  • .22Cal 1200FPS JSB14.5 GR 70FPE
  • .25Cal 1100FPS JSB 25.4GR 80FPE
  • .30Cal 1080FPS JSB44.75GR 100 FPE
  • .357Cal 950FPS JSB44.75GR 160 FPE


  • 12 Shot Magzine .22Cal
  • 10 Shot Magzine .25Cal
  • 9 Shot Magzine .30Cal

Action: Bolt

Barrel Length: 24" SHROUDED 

Pressure: 300CC tank 4500 PSI MAX FILL 

Overall Length: 45 Inches

Weight: 6.9Lbs

Optic: Pic

Power Adjusment: Yes


This listing complies with USA air gun guidelines and I will only sell and ship air guns to buyers in jurisdictions where permitted by applicable laws 

Customized AEA Precision Airgun Challenger Bullpup .22 .25 .30 .357Cal

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